Staples for fastening rings of barbed wire

In the production of spiral barbed wire Egoza or razor wire Egoza, rings are used to fasten the staples of low-carbon steel wire. For a reinforced barrier of barbed wire types, such as reinforced barbed tape Egoza Super or reinforced barbed tape Caiman it is developed a special design of the staples from galvanized steel tape, which provides reliable and high-quality bond rings of barbed wire in a spiral.

The clip for attaching the barbed wire rings – the Patent of Ukraine №44848

Patent of Ukraine: №44848
Author: Tkachenko Yuriy Vladimirovich
IPC Section: E04H 17/00, F41H 11/00
Published: 12.10.2009, Bulletin №19/2009

Clip for fastening the barbed wire rings – Russian Federation patent №91903

Russian Patent: №91903
Author: Tkachenko Yuriy Vladimirovich
Section of the IPC: B21F 25/00
Published: 10.03.2010