Егоза razor wire – the author's technology and solutions

The site security-patents.com presents inventions, utility models, industrial designs and other improvements fences of barbed wire and barbed tape that belong to the engineering facilities and systems for perimeter protection, authored by Yuri Tkachenko. The materials contain information on patents for inventions and improvements, the contents of the abstracts of these patents. Here you can find information about modern author’s technologies in the production of barbed tape and barbed wire. Design and engineering design features means for perimeter protection, fencing wire and barbed tape is advanced and unique development. This information can be useful both for specialists in the field of security systems and manufacturers of these protections, and people who want to set themselves some engineering fencing for perimeter protection, and at the same time are eager to get detailed technical information about a particular type of barbed wire, or other security system components that are in consideration with this site materials. All the engineering and fencing production technology of wire and barbed tape are practiced.