Engineering the sea-craft security system

The sea-craft security system is the engineering and technical design, designed to prevent the entry of unauthorized persons on board of the vessel in the open sea. The design of the system allows you to quickly deploy on the sides of the ship spiral barbed wire Egoza, or other types of barbed wire, as well as to collect a spiral of barbed wire backwards into transport position.

Engineering Sea-craft security system Antipirat – the Patent of Ukraine №96848

The Patent of Ukraine: №96848
Author: Tkachenko Yuriy Vladimirovich
IPC Section: B63G 13/00, E04H 17/10, F41H 11/08
Published: 12.12.2011, Bulletin No 23

Engineering Sea-craft security system "Antipirat" – Russian Federation patent №2431582

Russian Patent: №2431582
Author: Tkachenko Yuriy Vladimirovich
Section of the IPC: B21F 25/00, B63G 13/00
Published: 20.10.2011