A method for manufacturing barbed tape

A method for manufacturing razor tape

Patent of Ukraine: №103646
Author: Tkachenko Yuriy Vladimirovich
Section of the IPC: B21F 25/00 – Barbed wire, mesh, fencing, wire fabrics
Published: 25.12.2015, Bulletin № 24

A method for manufacturing barbed tape in which in the blank, which looks like a solid metal strip at a distance from the axis of symmetry on both sides evenly penetrate external symmetrical pockets. Ferro pockets form between the large number of opposing pairs of submunitions. Each element consists of a base and opposing teeth located at external sides of the striking element, and the finished film wound on a drum. As a continuous billet using a wide metal strip, which simultaneously form several thorny semi-tapes which are wound on the appropriate number of drums with horizontal shaft rotation and autonomous means of tensioning. Shape bay width equal to the width of the semi-barbed tape or passing one or more of the drums, barbed tape-fed semi-finished product to the area reinforcement. In the central area of the tape shall be installed the metal wire preferably circular cross section. Ready barbed tape is fed to the distributor that provides winding it on a horizontally mounted drum almost no gaps between adjacent coils. Parallel adjacent coils interconnected clips (clips) in the staggered slit bay.

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