Rolled reinforced barbed tape

A patent for an invention is rolled reinforced barbed tape. It’s the author's method of making a reinforced barbed tape. With the use of this technology in practice it is made the production of barbed wire Egoza or Caiman, as well as reinforced barbed wire Egoza-Super.

Rolled reinforced barbed tape "Caiman" – Russian Federation patent №2412774

Russian Federation Patent: №2412774
Author: Tkachenko Yuri Volodimirivich
Section of the IPC: B21F 25/00
Published: 27.02.2011

Rolled reinforced barbed tape – Ukrainian Patent №91445

Patent of Ukraine: №91445
Author: Tkachenko Yuriy Vladimirovich
Section of the IPC: B21F 25/00
Published: 26.07.2010, Bulletin № 14/2010