Barbed wire Egoza, new manufacturing technologies - new prices and quality

Barbed wire Egoza

The quality and reliability of the security system perimeter is its main characteristics. Reliability barbed wire Egoza is determined; first of all, the quality of the wires in accordance with its specific state standards, quality of galvanized steel coils to produce barbed tape and production technology. If fencing Egoza deformed or violation has anti-corrosive coating, the long fence does not serve as barbed wire is destroyed by corrosion. What does the quality of the barbed wire Egoza depend on?

Barbed wire Egoza is widely used in building engineering security systems. This barbed wire is used both in itself and as the main striking element in many types of safety barriers and protective fences. Engineering Security Systems are created on the basis of barbed wire Egoza or a similar type of barbed wire, such as barbed wire Concertina or barbed wire Egoza-Super, are the most common in the world. Egoza is equally well suited for security small storage room, as well as for perimeter security sensitive sites. In the case of the need to ensure an extremely high degree of protection of the object, barbed wire Egoza successfully replace its elder sister – barbed wire Egoza-Super. This contributes the high quality of the barbed wire Egoza, which ensures its long-term trouble-free service, as well as its low price. All these qualities make barbed wire Egoza and protective barriers from Egoza, such as flat and spiral safety barriers, the undisputed leader in the field of security systems and perimeter protection facilities.

The quality is the main characteristic of barbed wire Egoza

These high performance characteristics at low cost barbed wire Egoza enable to acquire due to the use in the process of its manufacture copyright technology. After all, the basic element of barbed wire Egoza is the barbed tape, and that the quality of its production determines the quality and durability of both the barbed wire Egoza and protective fences, safety barriers and other elements of an engineering system for perimeter protection, which are made from this type of barbed wire.

Application of the new method and an improved stamp for the manufacture of barbed tape allows barbed wire Egoza, Egoza -Super, wire Concertina, or other types of reinforced barbed tape of the highest quality, since the production technology does not cause damage to the anti-corrosion coating of the tape preform, which in turn affects the quality of barbed wire and all products manufactured from it. At the same time this technology allows not only significantly improve the quality of products, but at the same time reduce its cost that the end result is reflected in the retail and wholesale price barbed wire egoza, spiral safety barriers and other protective barriers of this barbed wire.

Therefore, barbed wire Egoza, manufactured by this technology, has significant safety, operational and, importantly, cost advantages in comparison with barbed wire, manufactured in the traditional way. The same benefits possess all the security perimeter, which are made on the basis of the barbed wire.

Author: Yuri Tkachenko

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